In order to run ReGaTE you need an account on the server and on the galaxy server that you want to register.

  • Register (if you haven't done it yet) on by clicking on "Sign up" on the server

  • Generate the regate.ini configuration file by typing

    regate --templateconfig

  • Edit the regate.ini configuration file which was created in your working directory. The different variables to edit are all documented in the file itself. The ones that you must set are:

    • galaxy_url_api and galaxy_url, which should be set to the URL of the Galaxy server you aim at publishing in galaxy_url will be the base of the URL use to link from to your Galaxy server, whereas galaxy_url_api will be used as the Galaxy API endpoint to query the server.
    • api_key is the API key for your user on the server. Please remember this key is absolutely private, meaning that your configuration file cannot be distributed.
    • contactName and contactEmail will be used as contact information for all the Galaxy tools registered for your server.
    • resourceName is the name of the collection that will group all the Galaxy tools from your server. Only these tools should be registered with this collection.
    • In the [regate_specific_section], login is your login on the server.